Copa de Rusia y el regalo al corresponsal de FDV

Las semifinales de la Copa nos dejaron un partido del re carajo, otro que fue un embole, y dos finalistas: CSKA y Alania. Pero basta ya de monsergas (?) y miren los videos, que no tengo ganas de escribir. El primero, el del clásico ruso, dura 14 minutos, pero realmente vale la pena disfrutarlo con un fernet y una picadita.

CSKA 3 (5) - 3 (4) Spartak Moscú

El segundo, es la prueba cabal de que (?) el sistema funciona (?). El bilardismo está mas que vigente con el equipo aurirrojo del Cáucaso, que se dio el lujo de llegar a la final sin anotar goles, siempre empatando 0 a 0 hasta llegar a los penales, o pasando sin jugar como en cuartos de final donde se tenía que enfrentar al extinto Saturn.

Rostov 0 (5) - Alania 0 (6)

Por otra parte, hoy llegó a la redacción de FDV la prueba de que nuestro corresponsal en Grozny estuvo junto al Dié:

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12/5/11 12:34

que groso el die.


12/5/11 12:35

Si el Braca entrega la casaca del Dié, vamo la banda de Manolo Quindimil con Del Bosque a la cabeza y voltiamos a Rud al grito de " Si lo tiran al Braca al bombo va a haber quilombo va a haber quilombo "


12/5/11 12:49

quedate tranquilo que antes que la casaca del 10 entrega a la jermu.

y a ver cuantos no harian lo mismo.


12/5/11 13:07

Lo lamento por Uds. Pero ya me la había prometido a mi
Así que sigan mamando!!! LTA para todos!!
abrazos cordiales
Rover L.


14/5/11 02:18



14/5/11 02:30

Blogger la gran puta que te pario, devolve el post del Die


16/5/11 11:29

¿ya echaron a Gullit?

durmieron con el 10...


17/5/11 03:16

Censura a FDV???? Se lo merecen por mufas pechos fríos!!!! Garcas!!! Garcas!!! Gritaban en un bar de Moscu referenciando al blog de FDV!!
Les mando un abrazo los quiero mucho!!! Todos Putos.
Rover L.


17/5/11 07:48

que grande sos Rover.


19/5/11 23:42

Hola argentinos and all white people in LA. Respect to all argentinian spartak fans/
Actions Spartak in Samara
"Aftar some provocations, Spartak fans get on the home tribune and show began. They were first fighting with home fans, then we guess with some kind of army unit and last with riots cops. Make sure to watch videos."
more best foto for your collection


20/5/11 06:54

boludito, aca racismo no.


20/5/11 06:56

encima tiras butaca, amargo


20/5/11 06:58

ohhh son tira butaca oohhh, ooohhh son tira butaca, son los putos del espartak


20/5/11 09:49

Where is you see rasism? I am talk respect to "argentinos and all white people." Is not rasism. I am not write about negros or chinese.

On the buildings Terrorism-Arena in chechnya killed 4 Slovak built-mans(chechen news). Maradona and other past football stars f****ing dyrty money asses


20/5/11 09:50

and muslims prostitutes


20/5/11 10:34

there you have racism.

why only respect to white people?

(aca sale el ingles mal a proposito)

and your fans are more bittersweet than "La Pandilla". Coldchest, you dont exist. Cat.


21/5/11 05:10

Rstp Well, I'll explain, but not likely you'll understand (in the Americas you very much brainwashed by mixing different kinds of people in the melting pot).
Many millions of years ago, people RASA (translated as "white, clean," "original") landed on our planet now-defunct mainland in the Arctic Ocean. There was a very warm climate is perfect, a paradise on earth. This place is called differently: Arktida, Hyperborea, Da'Arias. He is on the map Mercator (16 century). Who knows the Russian language, you will find longer enough information on this topic, the tag "гиперборея".
People RASA was originally shared by 4 people:
Da'Arias (gray eye color)
hariytsy (green)
svyatorusy (blue)
rosseny (brown).
It is clear that they are all mixed up and there in the world of pure Da'Arias or rossenov. Therefore it is necessary to restore the breed race.
Later the contract was allocated the land to our allies in an intergalactic war, the Redskins and yellow-skinned people, as well as our enemies, who had destroyed their planet - black people (who gave the most unfit continent - Africa).
Obviously, if the mixed white and yellow, red or black, then it ceases to exist, therefore we can not afford to mix with other species or else we will disappear and we become mutants.
Recently Zhusiley (anji), in an interview with TV wonder why Russian men and women are very beautiful. The answer is very simple Russian people have largely retained the genes of our great ancestors of RASA. And in Brazil very soon (maximum 100 years) will remain one mutants that do not have their roots, which is very easy to manage.


21/5/11 09:30

Congrats all argentinian spartak fans! Spartak 4-0 Krasnodar. Only 2 points from leader. And today Tom 2-1 gazprom-)))))


21/5/11 10:10

cerremos todo, gracias spartako por la magia. Alguien que guarde el comentario de los extraterrestes para la posteridad.

Gano el Terek. Paso el 10 y dejo magia.


21/5/11 11:56

I have to disappoint you about the Terek. Match Terek 1-0 Anji became a typical kavkaz fixed derby. In Russia, it is not even the bookies Accepted bids. Any thinking person (I'm behind these ovtseebami of VATAS closely follow) will tell you that it was the price of Anji, because at the end of last season Terek saved them from the first division, playing a fixed match.

13.11.2010 fixed match terek 1-3 anzhi. And Sibir (who win 1st Holland team PSV 1-0 in Europa League and playing very beautiful and most attaking in Russia)


21/5/11 18:20

The relationship between the martians (?) and the beauty of Russian girls is the best thing i read in my life. Espartaco, now I understand why your sister fucks so well.



21/5/11 23:11

ha ha my sister observe fidelity Race.
We are not Martians, but our ancestors lived and live in other galaxies. A link between the original beauty and mutations understandable. Those people RASA, which went beyond all of its historic Grand-Motherland (Hyperborea), mixed with other kinds of people (red, yellow and black), becoming the mutants. Why do the majority notes that the most beautiful women in Russian? Slightly worse than the other Slavonic nations (Czech, Slovak, Poles, Croat ..), in Western Europe live mainly crocodiles (Germans, English woman, a French ..).
The answer, when there was a nuclear war between the Hyperborean, and Atlanta (Atlantis), which led to the deaths of these continents for thousands of years ago, people RASA from Hyperborea moved to the north of Eurasia (their path lay through the URAl Mountains - the opening of a global city abservatoriya Arkaim on the south Urals). See videos about Arkaim
From there, people began to move into Asia, India, Egypt, Greece, Scandinavia ... And the Russian people were left in place and kept largely the powerful potential of the RASA (in Europe more and more people who understand that the Rus - this is the last bastion of the white man).

I understand that you find it hard to understand all this, since you live on the continent of mutants and very far from their homeland. Moreover, that the Jews all of us keep under his cap for the past 2000 years and is constantly being manipulated by Christianity, Communism, Jewish-media and other rubbish.


22/5/11 00:56

On the opening Terrorism-Arena 11 May in chechnya every ex-stars present from chechen Osama bin Laden deorty money: clock with brilliants(cost every 70000 euro) + cash from 200000 euro to 1 million everybody:
muslims animals: Maradona, Bartes, Bogossyan, Samorano, Fauler, Vieri, Kostakurta, Figo...


22/5/11 03:21

Exelent foto from Spartak terace
"RFU - mafia" and "RFU keep your hands without football"
RFU - Russian Football Union(leader - ex president fc gazprom shizoid idioto Fursenko)


22/5/11 08:27

these are the best comments ever in the history of this blog.

Dont forget that Darth Vader is the father of Luke, ALF eats cats (so does Kipzy...), and Spock is half human and half Vulcan.

"Live long and prosper"


22/5/11 08:29

I think everyone knew the stars received a big payment to go to the stadium inauguration...

I mean, everyone but Braca (?)


22/5/11 08:50

Spartakus, you could send us a photo of your sister?

we want to know if she is a mutant or she respects the purity of mars.


23/5/11 00:34

to Rstp
Should not be ironic. Believe further that humans descended from monkeys) or of the Jews, Adam and Eve)

to Bollino
We have Russian very low percentage of mutants (approximately 3% of a mixture of yellow (Mongoloids), our ancestors were only Russian (Great Russians, Little Russians and White Russes), which are the most typical representatives of the peoples of RASA. So do not worry about us.


23/5/11 06:39

a la trola de tu hna le encanta la poronga mutante

spartak, I believe the truth is out there and there is a worldwide conspiracy to cover the extraterrestrial connection. I also believe that Ronnie James Dio did not die but only went back to his planet.

  FdV - Admin (?)

23/5/11 09:04

"a la trola de tu hna le encanta la poronga mutante", es hit en cualquier cancha del universo.

Bollino podria estar a punto de hacer la amistad con el facho del spartaco. Me informan fuentes que no puedo revelar (?), que hoy estuvo a los abrazos (?) con cierto diplomatico neonazi recien llegado a tierras vodkeras.


23/5/11 09:30

no solo es hit sino que es la realidad, el pelotudo este se piensa que la hna es distinta. Seamos buenos.


23/5/11 15:03

No sólo estuve con el diplomático, sino que también con el twittero que nos secuestró los chorizos del 25 de mayo. Le di la mano y todo (?)


24/5/11 12:34

la revancha de Torpedo - Luch sino la cubren en vivo desde el estadio son muy putos aca.
Y con trapo que diga "THE MELTING POT. LUCH UN SENTIMIENTO", sino son mas putos todavia.


7/6/11 20:59

Qué arquero de la san puta Afinkeev. El penal que saca es increíble. Y lo del termo ruso que comenta, da para anuario (?)